Saturday, September 05, 2009

"I have a carrot in my pocket AND I'm happy to see you."

That's what I've been telling Tonka the last three times I went out to put ointment in his eyes today.

Yep, another problem with my darling boy.

It doesn't look near as sad in the pictures as it does in real life. Poor guy.

But it really probably isn't a big deal. The vet sedated him and dug around in his third eyelid but couldn't find the seed she suspected was in there causing the ulceration right where the cornea meets the sclera at the front of his eye. It's still producing a lot of gunk, which had her suspicious that it might still be in there. I hope not. If so we'll have to sedate him and go through it all again. We're treating it now, hoping it will get better. 5x daily with one ointment, 2x daily with another, tapering off a bit after a couple days. And he has to stay in the shade. Which had me working to get the horse shed turned into one big stall so he won't go totally crazy. None of our pastures have big shade trees. I'll let him out at night. He'll also wear a fly mask 24 hrs a day.

Got a lot of bad health news about relatives today. Nothing life threatening, but scary.

I could have sworn I had something else interesting to share with you...

Oh yeah! I think the horse I really really wanted when I adopted Tonka may be available for free! Yeah, you heard that right, Tonka was my second choice.

This tall, skinny, rawboned fella here was my first choice:
But I was outbid, and I ended up with my Perfect Horse.

I'll supply more info when I get it. Anyone need a horse? Because I really don't.

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