Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tonka's eye looks phenomenally better today. And it's cloudy and raining, which is great because that means I don't have to lock him up. I kept him right next to the house all day yesterday and last night, and he kept calling for his buddies through the night. So I turned him out this morning. I'll just have to make the hike out to where he's at to do the ointment. It'll be good exercise.

The big bay gelding I wanted so bad 3 years ago IS the one that is offered for just a dollar on Craigslist. I've emailed them and gotten some info, but I can't wait to talk to them. Nobody home right now, so I left a message.

I don't know what would be the point of getting this horse. He's now an 8 year old untrained horse and who knows if he's learned some bad habits. Besides the fact that I have no use for another horse. But this horse, he made me sick to my stomach, I wanted him that bad. He deserves a good chance at becoming a good horse. I'm going to at least go look at him, unless they tell me something that really makes it sound like a bad idea.

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