Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tonka is not an inside horse. The clouds and rain didn't last so I had to stall him. I made him a nice big double stall, 24x16, super clean and not too bright for his dilated eye. He didn't appreciate it. I had left the sliding door partially open with a panel to keep him in, so he wouldn't be totally isolated and to provide airflow, but I ended up having to shut it. He was chewing on and pawing at the panel. The dork. He was a bundle of nervous movement every time I went out there.

I even built him a little corral for the evening time when it was in shade but the rest of the world was still bright. He didn't appreciate that much either. He was happy to have a nice soft place to take a pee though.

Tonight I didn't put the atropine in his eye, and I'm hoping to not have to lock him up tomorrow. I don't know how long it takes for the effects to wear off. I only did half as many doses as she recommended to get it fully dilated, so I'm hoping it'll wear off quickly. Anyone else know? Maybe the vet will be open tomorrow and I can ask them.

He's back out with his cronies, with his light colored nighttime fly mask on. He's going to be so happy when this is over with.

We're going to go look at that gelding tomorrow. Wish me good judgement!

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