Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My vet probably thinks I'm nuts. I had to reschedule an appointment twice within the same day. I hadn't known my sister needed help getting to her chemo today. So I made the appointment for 8am today. Which meant getting out of here no later than 7:30, which would just barely get me there on time. At 7:17 my sister called. "Can you take my dog too?" Oh. My. Gosh. Three dogs? One being her slightly dog aggressive dog? Sure, of course I will. I'm a sucker after all. So I had to run out the door right that instant. She's not exactly on the way to the vet's.

We were only a few minutes late, and the dogs mostly behaved. I even managed to get each one of them individually on the scale. The biggest problem was Huck trying to play with Bella (Amy's dog). Luckily the vet had plenty of time and didn't mind me bringing in an extra dog with no notice.

Huck got his shots, India had her blood drawn, and poor Bella had stitches from her spaying removed and her joint palpated. The joint right above the paw, I guess it would be like our wrist. She had a porcupine quill lodged in the joint and they removed it, but it's not getting better. Poor girl, she is a heavy dog, all dense muscle, and having only 3 legs to walk on is hard for her. Plus you could tell that what the vet was doing hurt really bad.

They must have a porcupine colony near their house. I can't imagine how much they've spent on vet bills for their dogs because of porcupines.

So that was my exciting morning. Now I'm going to go clean out Anchor's area. I wish I could work with him instead, but poop happens. Then off to Spokane for chemo and maybe a stop at the tack store (although the husbands aren't too thrilled with that idea) and then home to finish getting ready for the trip. Crazy day.

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