Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm not sure where my camera is so I'll give you pictures from the other day. I never was able to edit the video. Just picture me on all fours cutting his toes and baby talking, with him watching suspiciously, checking with me every now and then by sniffing at my face.

Where'd my toes go?



You can see he still needs his heels brought down as soon as we can manage it, and there may have been a little founder going on in that foot, but I think he'll be just fine.

John and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend. What's with all the anniversaries? Linda, Lea, and I all chose a great time of year to get married. Unless you were getting married this year. It's too darn cold this year. Although I suppose you could get married inside.

John bought me an awesome new saddle pad. I hope it's as great as I think it's going to be. It's a Classic Equine ESP contoured pad. I used to scoff at memory foam pads, because I know they compress when heated, but this one has so much felt bottom and woven wool top, I think it will be a good pad. The pattern isn't as pretty as the non-contoured pad they make, but it was so stiff and square I was afraid it would press down on his withers. On this one there's lots of soft padding through the bars and relief through the spine, without bulk at the bottom. Tonka and I tried it out last night but it was COLD and my legs were going to fall off so we didn't ride long.

We rode right in front of Anchor's pen, and boy howdy did he think that was strange! He staaaared at us, and if we got too close he'd do a little spin and then stare some more. Funny. I wonder if his owners ever ride around his pen at home. I made sure to dismount while he was watching, then I petted Tonka a bunch and put away the tack. After that I took Tonka up to where I keep Anchor's treats and fed him a bunch right in front of Anchor. He got interested enough to come up and sniff real deeply, but he wouldn't take a treat from my hand. I've also been making sure to pick up all of Tonka's feet whenever I'm sure Anchor is watching. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'd like him to see that it doesn't hurt.

Today Anchor made progress toward halter breaking. He's giving to pressure pretty well and was even following me around in one direction. In the other direction he'd cheat. He'd step sideways kinda sorta toward me, but the foot that was stepping would always sneak behind the other foot, so he was kinda sorta stepping back at the same time. He would also occasionally get overwhelmed and spin/bolt/rear away from me. Which would get the rope wrapped around his neck so I'd have to flick it forward over his head, which he didn't like but oh well, he made the decision to put himelf in that situation. After a few times of that he realized it was easier to give to pressure and get his release than it was to bolt. But we're really going to have to work on getting to the point where he realizes bolting isn't going to do him any good. Otherwise once he goes out he'll get loose.

All in all, things are good.


Anonymous said...

Things are good - I like how you show him things - maybe some of that will stick with him.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

We were married in a church. It rained all that day so its a good thing. It is exciting to see what you are doing with Anchor

Linda said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary! I certainly don't remember it being this cold when we tied the knot--I remember it being pretty darn near perfect. :) If I really thought hard, I might remember it rained a bit the next day--but I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the TEENS or TWENTIES!

That's interesting about the loping thing. I imagine he just has to get used to carrying a rider on his back and keeping his balance.

Tracey said...

Happy Anniversary, Andrea and John!

Anchor will be much happier with those feet, I'm sure. I don't even think the heel looks bad, although I know it's not barefoot etiquette to have one. Sandy forges so badly that I'm going to ask for more heel and less toe; his fronts are sore from being hit so often.

Mama Rene said...

You have done a beautiful job of presenting Coda's gift to our family and friends. He was just the perfect old guy. He took care of all the kids and helped them look good in the arena. He knew what to do even if they didn't.

You made me cry.