Thursday, November 12, 2009

"All the horses are out!"

I didn't like hearing that. We've had escapes before but never on a grand scale.

Turned out to be a non-event. Soxy hadn't escaped, just the boys. The worst of the damage went to Tonka, who had burrs stuck under his jaw. Nobody got into the grain, nobody went anywhere. Tonka and Cisco were just grazing right around the gate, and Scout was in the hay storage area. What a bunch of wild mustangs. I think they must not have been out long. They had pushed the gate until the latch moved and came loose. Buttheads. I fixed the latch and chained it. And they got their breakfast early. Maybe that was the plan all along. "Let's get their attention so they have to come out and feed us."

I love the flip of the fringe as I walk along. It's like being a little girl with a twirly dress again. Today I am thankful for my sister. She gave me this pair of chinks yesterday. They were her husband's but he had some custom made, and they didn't fit her right. As you can see they're pretty much brand new. This isn't why I'm thankful for her, but it sure is generous. I'm sure I've written about her enough here for you to all know why I'm thankful for my sister.

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gtyyup said...

Isn't it good when loose horses stay where there's supposed to be...or at least close by! Amen everyone's OK.

Love your new chinks!!! I totally agree on the twirling skirt thing, swish, swish...I'm only 5' and mine go down past my shins!