Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scout went on his first outing as a big boy. The last time he left the farm was way back when he was about a month old, to have his eye checked at the WSU hospital. The last time I loaded him in the trailer wasn't too long ago, maybe two months. Today he just walked right in next to me like we were walking down the road. I asked him to step into the front of the trailer, hooked him to a Blocker ring, and then shut him in. Next I put his best buddy Tonka in the trailer, and we were on our way.

We went to my sister's to do some groundwork. Really I wasn't as interested in doing groundwork as I was wanting to get this first trip under our belt. He unloaded pretty nicely, with some hesitation backing out. I don't allow them to turn around to unload until they're a pro at backing out, and even then it's a special occasion sort of thing to unload that way. When I was first teaching him to load, it was the unloading part that was hardest for him.

He was an absolute gem the entire time we were there! He is going to be such a wonderful horse to ride. He doesn't go out of his way to find boogeymen like Tonka does. I pushed a tarp under the round pen so he could check it out. It bumped his hind leg and he didn't even look at it. Tonka spooks at that tarp every time we go over there.

He got to visit with his mama over the fence and then after Amy and I played with our horses some, she worked Scout and Camria in the round pen at the same time. It was interesting to watch. It stressed Camria out. But not terribly. She was just a little confused, and Scout was as usual a little lazy so when my sister got after him Camria wasn't sure she wasn't in trouble too.

After Tonka and I did some respect work (he's been a jerk lately) I tried my hand at working two horses at once. It was fun! Neat to get them both hooked on, one on either side, and wander around. I couldn't get Tonka to stay in the center with me while Scout circled us, but Scout easily figured out how to pivot with me while Tonka worked around us. Tonka could have figured it out if I'd given it more time and effort, but I was getting cold.

Spending time tied - Tonka, Scout, and Camria:
(I keep having to backspace when I start typing the name Bella)

I got some good pictures of the dogs over there today. They are weird. They sure have a lot of fun playing together though.

Here's Oreo, Huck, and Bella. Their expressions are priceless. I feel like it needs a caption but I have no idea what it would be.

This is how Bella greets me almost every time I go over there. If I'm not quick about telling her no, I get muddy paw prints. She also likes to stand up sometimes to get a better view of her surroundings, like an otter or a bear.

The Fearsome Foursome. Oreo, Bella, Huck, and Bear.
Oreo is sweet in a timid, chubby sort of way. He never could have been a cowdog. Bella is a big happy dumb puppy. I'm sure you know the type. Bear has a depth to him. He is an extremely intelligent dog (Kelpie X Border Collie). Very caring, but if you don't know him he's just weird. He obsesses over sticks, rocks, and dirt clods. To him, strangers are for throwing things. Family is for poking sharply in the butt or the back of the knee (I don't know which is more shocking) with his pointy nose and pinching their tender parts with his teeth. The back of your arm just near your armpit is a favorite spot. I don't think I've ever known another dog with a sense of humor like his. He's a cuddler too, when he's inside. Huck... Well, I'll get back to you on who he is. He's not old enough yet. He's intense and smart and devoted but still kind of independent. Soft and cuddly with a wiggle-butt to make up for his lack of a tail.

My silly silly boy got his glasses today. He loves them. I love them. I hope reading becomes more fun for him now. He's a hard worker, and he does well, but I'd love to see it come more easily for him.

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