Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I need me one of these real bad.The sweetness! The serenity. She's like a big hairy therapy session. I love Peaches the donkey.

And I love her soft nose.

And I love her ears too.

I love her ears a lot.

She's just special.

After I tore myself away from Peaches, I came home and got ready for Kinderpuppy. It went really well. Puppy Playtime was a blast! The pug was very, very obnoxious outgoing. Seriously though, he was soooo cute and funny and proud of himself. The rest of the dogs were a mix of playful and cautious. Huckleberry headed over to the people next to us and seemed more interested in meeting people overall, but eventually got over it and went around sniffing butts. Puppy butts, that is.

This week's homework is again Watch and Sit, but also Down and Come. Huck made awesome progress on his Down earlier today. I didn't have to lure him into position, he was getting it on a hand gesture and verbal cue. He's also starting to Stay, but we need to work on it more with distraction and distance. For Huck specifically, but not the whole class, he needs to learn not to nibble on people he's greeting. He doesn't do it to me so I'll have to set up sessions with other people to get it through to him.

Since this is, after all, supposed to be about mustangs, I'll tell you the only thing I really have today. They get bored easily. Then they start breaking out occasionally. So you really ought not to keep them locked up. Or so they tell me. I've got my pasture fence all charged again and I've been gradually re-introducing them to grass. I'm not sure what to do with Cisco. He's so fat. I think I'll put him out in a separate pasture, because he needs the exercise, but I'm not sure if what little grass is there will negate the goodness of the exercise.

Speaking of escaping. They've gotten out twice by pushing on two different gates until the hardware shifts and the gate magically opens. I'm not sure if they knew what they had done the first time, but the second time they had a good inkling, because they did it again. Only this time the gate was chained so HA! Anyway, I think I found a job for Huck. Cisco was rattling the gate as I mixed vitamins, and I got after him. The next two times Huck got after him for me! I told him good boy. All he did was bark. That would be a good job for him, keeping the stock off the gates.

Oh, and my saddle is beautiful! I got it mostly done, and no white residue in the tooling. The Obenauf's is way better than the Saddle Butter I've used in the past. Or maybe I just followed directions better... But it buffed to the prettiest shine, and my saddle is a richer color now. I'll post before and after pics when I get a good after pic.

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Laura said...

Aww... I want a donkey too! Sweet pics!