Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mikey posted a video challenge - post what we're doing at 9, noon, and 3:00. Here's my shot at it. Not extremely exciting, I must say.

Headed to the doctor:

My ear's been hurting for at least a couple months now. It got a lot worse yesterday. Turns out I have an ear infection in both ears. I'm an adult, I shouldn't get ear infections. Explains why I've been dizzy and nauseous on and off.

Noon and 3:00 were actually taken at the wrong times, but close enough...

Heading east:

Visiting the lambs. They're getting big.

My sidekick, whose eyes totally remind me of the squirrel who lost his nut in the Ice Age movies.

Do you see it? (Click to enlarge.) I think John thinks I'm crazy. Or maybe he's just not as interested in every little detail about this dog as I am.

You can also see the tiny bit of snow that's left and the hopeful toboggan waiting next to it. Not much room for sledding there.

My handsome Huck, on the alert:

So, that was my day. I had hoped to dig some post holes and spend some time with Scout, but now it's just about dark, I don't feel too good (although the doc did say I should feel better in about 12 hours), and it's really icky out. I might just curl up in bed for a while and read a good book. Until it's time to make dinner, anyway.


Kate said...

Glad you're getting the ears seen to - I got an ear infection last year and by the time I got to the doctor, my eardrum ruptured - and let me tell you, that was no fun - pain right up there with childbirth!

arlene said...

Yes, he has got the same eyes as that little critter in the Ice Age movie. I really liked that movie.

Jayke said...

Teehee, Huck looks like he's paranoid that you might be taking him to the vet again.

chook said...

i LOVE your dog! very attentive.