Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sentimental Saturday is going to have to wait until Sunday this week. It's been a full day!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's today to celebrate good report cards. I think that place should be called "Gamblers in Training." But the kids had lots of fun.

Spent the afternoon with my parents, running around Manito park and watching World's Strictest Parents. Or whatever that show's called.

The kids stayed up in Spokane, so John and I have the evening to ourselves. And what are we doing? Sitting in separate rooms on the computer. Going to watch a movie here in a minute though. We're pretty exciting, we are.

I got Tonka a new probiotic today. Probios isn't doing the trick, so I bought the Equerry's probiotic. I like their products, and they're really nice people, so I chose it over the other stuff at the feed store. Tonka has liquid around his poo in the winter when he's on hay, so I'm hoping this will help. Hate to see him with poo water on his hiney. Not that it's really bad, but I'd rather see things looking normal. If this doesn't work I might try U Gard in case it's more of an ulcer type of a problem. He does tend to be a nervous sort. Funny, now that I'm thinking about it, he's a lot crankier in the winter too. If the hay isn't sitting well in his belly that would make sense.

My pup is still the cutest thing on four legs, but he's getting big. He wishes he was big enough to get on the bed. India, our grumpy old girl, is really glad he isn't big enough. It's her one refuge. (He can have a bath soon, had to wait 14 days after his surgery. I can't wait, he's icky.)

Oh, and to get back to horsey stuff, I made a rhythm bead necklace. I was thinking Katia and I can make those over the winter to sell at Mustang Days, or online, or whatever. This was just a practice run. I have nicer beads to try once my nicer bells get here in the mail.
One last thing. An acquaintance of mine had her horses get loose and get into some barley, and now her 7 year old mare is foundering. Send her healing thoughts or send up a prayer, whatever you feel comfortable doing. What an awful thing to have happen.


AKPonyGirl said...

If the probiotics you are trying don't work, try DynaPro by Dynamite. I have personally used it to stop a bout of mild colic and prevent my horse from colicing in the spring when she goes back on grass after a winter of hay. I have used it on my dogs and my lambs with excellent results.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

You and John are about as exciting as Bob and I. LOL. Love the necklace you and Katia made. Hope you will sell them at Mustang Days.

gtyyup said...

My evenings don't get any more exciting than that either! But, that Huckleberry is just too cute for his own good! Glad he came through the neuter OK.