Sunday, November 08, 2009

Today was an awful long day. It rained all day, and I barely went outside at all. I should have made myself go out and work, a little wet never hurt anyone. But I had my usual Sunday disease - laziness and a disgruntlement caused by doing nothing and being bored. We had planned on doing a bunch of work around the barn, and John did, but I didn't. I visited with my parents instead and after they left I sat around complaining that there was nothing to do.

Then I made scones. I've never made them but I had one that I really liked a while back, and decided one of these days I'd try making some. I made Irish soda bread scones because of their simplicity and the fact that I had buttermilk left over from a recipe last week. They were okay with lots of jelly and butter, but really not worth making again. Next time I'll try something with some butter in the recipe.

I thought the pooches were especially cute tonight. And they kind of spelled "Om." Huck is able to get on the couch now, which is something that makes him very happy. Guess we're going to have to buy another couch for the humans, and maybe a bigger house while we're at it. :)

This next bunch of long-nosed shots must be a product of the camera lens. They don't quite look like themselves.




The horses, they were wet. I didn't do anything but feed them. This blog is going to get pretty boring over the winter, I fear. Either that or I'll have to get out of this horse slump and actually start doing things with them again.


Anonymous said...

Love your dog's portraits. They are really beautiful! Do you use a digital camera? Very nice! Love the expressions!!! I am signing this anonymous because Google and I seem to be unable to get along -- have never been able to create an account. Maybe someday!!!!

Sent your blog to two of my friends via email, hoping they will enjoy as much as I did! Hope to spend more time here later.

My name: Janet

'bye for now

Just wanted to say "thank you" for the GREAT dog portraits!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Janet, Thanks! Yeah, I use just a plain old digital point and shoot camera. Don't have time to figure out how to work anything more complicated!