Monday, November 09, 2009

Sentimental Saturday on Monday. I'm growing up to be one of those people who is often late. I just wasn't feeling very sentimental over the weekend.

Today I was reorganizing some stuff and I came across Tonka's tag that he wore in the BLM corrals. It came off just before he loaded into the trailer to come home to me.
Someday I will make some sort of shadowbox frame to display his stuff in, but for now it stays in a file.

That made me nostalgic, and I had to go back and read my post about Tonka's adoption. Reading it brought tears to my eyes again. I love my horse. If you read it you'll see I write about Tracey and her darling daughter, and about Anchor, but with much less knowledge of them than I have now. They didn't have names then. Well, I'm sure Tracey and Darling did, but I didn't know them yet. :)

Also while transferring my files from a tiny file box to the bigger file cabinet I got today, I found this:

My baby boy's wrist was so tiny! The weird thing is, this comes after an afternoon of watching old videos of my adorable kids, and my sister telling me today that I have to have another kid since she can't. I know that's crazy talk, but they're so wonderful when they're little. I wish they didn't have to grow up. Not that I don't think they're wonderful now, and I'm sure they'll be wonderful as adults but in different ways. But they're so snuggly and sweet and hilarious when they're little. It would be a bad idea to have another, but apparently I need a toddler fix. Della? May I borrow yours? I know, he says, "My is a CHILD," but I think he's jumping the gun a bit.

Lea suggested that we all post something we're thankful for, every day between now and Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful that I have such sweet children.

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!


gtyyup said...

I loved your story about adopting Tonka...sniff...

So, which horse was Anchor? The $700 horse?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Yep, he was the $700 horse. Lots of people wanted him.

Della said...

can you borrow mine? CAN YOU BORROW MINE?!?! my only question is how soon can you be here to pick him up!??! ;-)

I am thankful for long-time friends, with children I have watched grow up from birth!

Linda said...

You need a horse baby! They're great--and so many of them this time of year needing homes!!

Jayke said...

That story about Tonka was great, got me all teared up at work. Sentimental Saturday is definitely going to be one of my favorite posts of the week.