Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a quick and boring post tonight. Wow, it's late!

Today was our last puppy class. Bummer! They were fun. Puppy play time was the best. It was cool to see how much they'd progressed in their socialization from the first class to the last. The agressive pug was behaving himself and the timid dogs were playing too. Huck still liked the people almost more than the other puppies. :)

John and I might take Huck and Angus to the advanced dog obedience class in the spring. We'll see. It's pretty late at night for us, what with having kids and living out of town and all.

My iPod died! I'm still in mourning even though it happened a couple days ago. I bid on one just like it on eBay, but even used those things are expensive. I didn't win it. Not sure I'm going to pursue getting another one right away. I've got too many vet bills to pay (all the dogs still need some follow-up done, especially India). I can start lugging around my stack of CD's again, for driving music, and just do my boring repetitious poop scooping to the sound of my own head and the highway. Blah. Oh well, life does go on!

It's above freezing! Has been all day! Been raining too, of course. Now that it's warm enough to work with a horse, the footing is very slick. I might haul out to the arena, assuming I can get the trailer out of the driveway. I'm dying to get some work done with my boys.

My sister is still doing well. Painful, but that's surgery for you... I've been visiting her briefly every day. We watched the Lesley Neuman gentling DVD together. We'll probably watch something else tomorrow. Makes me itch to work with Scout! I imagine she's dying to just be able to go pet her horses.

To bed! I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

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