Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Elderly Appalouseys

This isn't the best picture of Rusty. Blurry head because apparently he doesn't like people pointing little black boxes at him. And when the little black box flashes - Look out! I'll have to remember to keep the flash turned off when he's got a kid on board. He's going to have to get over that fear eventually. He acts like he's been electrocuted when the flash goes off.

Good old Soxy enjoying her favorite pastime:Lea's photo challenge word yesterday was "droopy." That ties right in with a subject I've been thinking on a lot. These oldsters both have swaybacks. Soxy always has, since before we owned her anyway. But now her back muscle is wasting. Rusty has the same problem. I feel like there should be something I can do about this through diet. More protein? Soxy is doing better since I started feeding some alfalfa, so I think I may be onto something. What would you do to help these old guys look and feel their best?

My old horse diet usually includes grass hay, alfalfa, beet pulp, and vegetable oil. Vitamins of course. Soxy and Cisco (who isn't old) both get a supplement for horses with metabolic issues. And I'm giving Rusty some probiotics while he adjusts to the new place.

I'm also open to ideas on exercises for them, but to be honest I probably won't do it. With 5 horses again, and the other 3 needing far more training, the old kids' horses don't get as much attention. They do have pasture to wander around in, and Rusty is a spunky guy. He's been keeping Soxy moving around a bit more. Nice and gentle, at a walk, but definitely more movement than she'd get on her own.


Anonymous said...

I found out that my old guy Noble (he'll be 30 in the spring) had low thyroid and also some degree of insulin resistance. He wasn't eating well and was dropping weight, and just seemed sad. Since he's been on thyroid medicine and a chromium/selenium/vitamin E/magnesium supplement for insulin resistance, he's made an amazing recovery - it's like he's years younger - he's gaining weight and is feisty and active.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Kate - Thanks for mentioning the thyroid! I looked up some info on it, and I think Soxy may have a swollen thyroid. I hadn't realized that's where the thyroid is. Hers has been like that for years now. Does Noble have that at all? How did you diagnose him? Blood test?

I think your IR supplement is probably very much like mine. What brand do you use?

Anonymous said...

Noble didn't have an enlarged thyroid (that I noticed), but was listless and depressed - we confirmed with a blood test. The IR supplement I use is actually formulated by my vet, but I think there are some commercial equivalents.