Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The test ride went pretty well, I thought. Katia said she didn't feel like she had much control. Turns out the bit my sister told me to use isn't the bit she used on him. So I'll switch it out and see how that goes. Rusty isn't a mean boy, but I think he likes to see if he really has to do what you're asking, or if maybe he can call the shots. It doesn't take much to convince him though.

He's funny. I was really nervous about letting Katia ride him because earlier, when I went out in the pasture to visit with him, he was real edgy and not wanting anything to do with me. I lifted my arm to take a drink of my coffee and it scared him (he didn't run, just turned and tried to amble away). I was thinking why on earth would I put my kid on a horse like that? But this afternoon he came to me, I put the halter on him, and he was good to go. I think he's never had anyone just hang out with him and it makes him nervous, he doesn't know what to expect. Once he had the halter on he was relaxed and was a total gentleman leading, grooming, and saddling. Poor guy just doesn't understand what it means to be a pet, I guess.
I rode Soxy. I had her out for Liam to ride but he said he was too tired, so I put my saddle on her. She is such a nice uncomplicated ride. I wish she was more sound.

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Linda said...

Doesn't know what it's like to be a pet?!? Those are usually the best ones!! (Not that any of mine are like that.) Looks like he's going to work out well.