Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tonka and I had a wonderful little ride with Amy and Levi today. I expected Tonka to be a booger because of the wind but he wasn't at all. It got me feeling all warm and fuzzy toward my horse. But I was all cold and freezing on the outside. That wind was not nice!

Levi wasn't doing too well so we had to cut the ride short. He was all sucked up and tight in the hind end. He's the one with EPSM and kidney failure. He just wasn't up to the exercise today, so he only got about a quarter mile worth of riding and maybe a mile of walking.

The short ride left Tonka wishing for more, which is probably a good thing.

Oh, I used his new bit for the second time. It's a full cheek snaffle with a roller that I bought last fall. We've been mostly using the bosal lately. He really seems to like this bit. He was pretty soft in it.

We're still waiting to find out if Amy is in stage four cancer or not. There's a big communication mix-up between the different doctors' offices. Probably won't hear anything until Monday. Very frustrating. Especially because she should have started radiation by now.

Tonight is the Mustang Club meeting up in Spokane. I'm missing it because I didn't think to ask for an early parent/teacher conference time. Really regretting that.

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Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea, we had a good meeting. A new gal there named Mary. She has a Coyote Lakes mare - she is black. We are going to have a ride in Riverside on April 10th. 10 AM. Hope you will be able to come up. We talked about places for Mustang Days. Laura is looking into that place up by her, Mary is doing Cheney Rodeo grounds, Bob is going to look into Busy Bee. I have my personal opinions but the group will have to decided. Jim and Kathy Spring were there. Good to see them. We have decided to go for either of the first 2 weekends of June for Mustang Days. What do you think. Trying to avoid Hoopfest. Got some adoption apps from Ramona today, Laura and Wayne took one. Much to Alexas dismay. I am filling mine out so I don't have to do it down there.(in Burns) We did miss you. The next meeting is
February 25. Hope you had a good conference with Liams teacher.