Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smiley day!

My boy, on his mare.
She fell to her knees with him on her back, gave me a heart attack. Not her fault, mud made her lose her footing. He lost his balance, grabbed horn and stayed on - ride 'em cowboy! It did scare him but he got over it and we even rode out in the hay field for a bit.

Here's me in my marshmallow man suit, with Tonka the cleanest he's been in a long, long time.
He's starting to get back into the groove of being a riding horse again. Not in shape obviously, but hey, it's winter. I decided this year that I wouldn't feel guilty about not riding all the time. He's been under saddle long enough he doesn't need to be ridden every day anymore, and Scout's got a ways to go before he's under saddle, so I can slack this year. And I might next year too. So thbbbt! I thumb my nose at anyone who calls me a fair weather rider, and I say, "Yeah? So?"

Katia rode the old girl around the round pen, then around the hayfield and back. She says Soxy's back isn't as nice for bareback riding as it used to be. She's getting old. She still looks fat but her back is losing muscle. Maybe some exercise over the summer will help with that.

Then Katia took Tonka for a spin or two around the round pen. She loved the leg cues. Soxy doesn't have leg cues.
She's almost tall enough to fit into my stirrups!

Who is this big kid, and where did she hide my baby?

John hit a deer tonight. Brakes locked up and he skidded into it, then it flung him into the other lane. Luckily no oncoming traffic. I am so, so thankful he's okay. The deer didn't die immediately but it didn't take too long. Poor thing. The car is damaged but it doesn't look too bad. It's 10 years old with over 200k miles. (It only had 3 miles on it when I got it - I love my car!) They might total it if we claim it on insurance. I guess we'll see what happens.

Turns out I'm not so good at keeping up with daily photos - sorry Lea! I think I'm behind enough that I might just have to give up...


Tracey said...

Katie looks pretty good up there on More Better! Better watch your thieves come in daughter like packages, lol!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! You're lucky to have horses to get on and ride when you can - I'm envious! Glad the deer encounter didn't come out worse for your husband!

Linda said...

They totaled one of our cars and we took the money, paid it off, and fixed it ourselves. We came out way ahead. It was a Honda Civic--airbags deployed, etc, all expensive to fix unless you do it at home. So glad he's okay though!!!

I'm envious seeing you ride. I need to get out while the weather's warm. I spent all day yesterday cleaning stalls and organizing the barn--it seems it's all work and no play!!!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Katia sure has gotten tall. Am glad Liam didn't get too scared. That is scarey. Don't give up on the pictures if you don't want to, just start where we are. Tomorrow, the word is BIRDS if you want to go on. Its OK though whatever.