Monday, January 18, 2010

Today was another good day. Got up at 6:30, out the door to feed, forgot to turn on the coffee pot :( came back in and did that, then had some coffee with my morning blogroll. Cleaned up the house. If you knew me you'd be shocked - I got the mop out! It was broken though, the cheap metal handle had split so I just spot mopped. Darn, I so love mopping (dripping sarcasm here).

Headed up to the ranch, did some feeding, watering, poop scooping. Had an excellent lunch of chili with moose meat. Worked with a horse and watched some horse work, then came home.

Once the roast was in the oven at home (John actually did all that, I ended up just being moral support) Katia and I saddled up and went for a short ride in the tail end of daylight. We serpentined through hawthorn bushes. Well, Tonka and I did. Apparently Soxy can't see hawthorn bushes at dusk. She plowed through a lot of them. Poor Katia. Those thorns don't feel good. Meanwhile two of the dogs were running around mousing, so Tonka had to deal with that. He still hates dogs. But he never really spooked, just twitched once when the dogs first joined us. We worked on a little refresher course on not eating grass while we're riding. He was being a little obtuse about that one, but got better after several repetitions. A good ride. For Katia's sake, I wish Soxy had a bit more finesse to her training.

Speaking of which! I am going to start looking for a horse for her. So if you know of a horse for sale that turns and stops when you ask it to, has leg cues, and is a mellow old plug for puttering down the trail, let me know! The cheaper the better, but the horse has to be safe. We can't afford it right now but maybe soon.


arlene said...

We're considering going to the Davenport auction in the late Spring to look for a well trained horse that needs a home. We need to have a dependable horse for cattle chasing. I hope they let you test drive them. Although I'm not sure I can even ride because of my spine and all that.
Have you thought about looking at the auction? I hear they go very cheap.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

We've decided to try out my sister's new horse Rusty. I'll post about him tomorrow. He's a sweetie but I wonder if he's too much of a worrier to trust with my kid on his back. We'll see!