Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today was another great day. I got Tonka out twice, and I remembered how much I love my horse. He also had his pedicure and he was, of course, testing to see what he could get away with.

Up at the ranch I groomed some horses, fell even more in love with Cimarron, the mustang cross, and Grits, his riding horse. What a character that one is. We discussed some concepts regarding what motivates a horse and how they become dominant over one another. Later in the day Bill demonstrated some things under saddle. I found his seat position and muscle brace talk interesting, because it's the same thing Mark Rashid teaches but in different words. Good stuff. Wish you could all be there with me.

I will do a post showing what I learned about hobbling when I get to doing it with Tonka. It'll be easier to explain with pictures. It will have to wait until I have him in a place with soft footing in case things go south and he falls. Of course I'll do what I can to minimize that possibility, but it's always a possibility.

You know what's funny? Now that I'm doing this I think I'm keeping up better with my housework. I come home so stoked and inspired that I can't sit down and I have to do something. Plus I get some done before I leave, just to make sure I don't get behind. I hope my energy levels stay this good. I'm not sure I've been this productive since I quit my real job years ago. Although I must admit, by the time night rolls around I am TIRED. Speaking of which - good night!


Linda said...

Good night--Sleep tight!

But when you wake up many hours are you working? Are you working 5 days a week? Are you taking pictures?

Anonymous said...

Very exciting - it sounds like getting out and doing this is making more time and energy, not less. Can't wait to hear more!