Monday, February 01, 2010

Honey, can I have your horse? He was an absolute dream today.
I might even ride him again later.
Behind him there, who's that useless horse?

Wait, maybe he's going to become part of the string of useful horses here.

He looks a lot like his mama!
He wore a saddle like a big horse for the first time today. I was too lazy to find the bareback pad so I put my sister's lightweight Wintec saddle on him. It made him kinda grumpy, but overall he was a good boy.

Speaking of saddles, I have decided to sell this one:
Anyone looking for a high-end dressage saddle? Lots of extras included - pads, bridle, reins, breastcollar. Just $1000 and that's a steal for a saddle this nice.

Sorry to get all material on you. This'll pay for Bella's training if she comes back here (still waiting on test results on my sister's cancer), and if she doesn't come back it will pay for Scout's.

I may be back later with more pics. Katia and I need to go for a ride and make a decision on old Rusty. There's someone else who wants him pretty badly, so I feel bad just hanging onto him and not committing to keeping him. Plus, if I'm not going to trade my custom western saddle for him, I need to get that sold as well.

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Linda said...

You're such an inspiration, constantly riding and working with the horses.

Good luck making your decision!