Monday, February 01, 2010

Well, Rusty won't be staying with us.

First of all, getting four horses ready for a ride is a pain. I really only got 3 horses ready because John got Cisco out, but still it was a lot of work when they're crusted with mud.

Second of all, it became apparent that Liam isn't ready to ride his horse solo yet. She was behaving just fine but he was afraid and Tonka and I ended up ponying Soxy. That was fun. Tonka did just great with it and it was nice to have a job to concentrate on. Then Liam got hung up on his stirrup as he dismounted and I had to hop down, drop my horse, and get him unhooked. English safety stirrups - the hook that holds the rubber band got caught in his fly, poor kid. He was hanging on to the side of the saddle for dear life and his arms were about to give out. Soxy just stood there, and so did Tonka. Funny, now that it's ended happily. :D

Katia and Rusty didn't last five minutes unfortunately. This time he took off with her and tried to run her into the truck. He wanted to be with "his" mare. Katia was doing a great job trying to get him under control and didn't ask to end the ride, but her voice was shaking a bit. She doesn't like him and doesn't want him as her horse. I can totally understand that. So she waited until Liam was done riding and took Soxy over hill and dale bareback. I think she appreciates that good mare a lot more now. I'm not saying Rusty is a bad horse - my sister has had nothing but good to say about him. I just don't think he's the horse we were looking for. Turns out that horse is still right here, in the form of a fat old appy mare. :)

John said Cisco was behaving better than he ever has before, so the riding the last few days has helped. It's probably not good that we usually just let him sit and then take him on trail rides a couple times a year. He could obviously use some more consistent work. And I think he likes it. Also, I think he really likes the bit I've been using. Unfortunately it's an $80 hand made Dutton bit and it's not mine. I may have to try to talk my sister into selling it.

So, in case you weren't counting - every horse on the place had a saddle on today! And Cisco was ridden twice! Can't say that happens every day. As a matter of fact, it's never happened before. Hopefully I can keep it up, to some extent. At least keep the boys tuned up, and get Scout moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good call on Rusty. Glad all the others are doing so well - that's a great bunch of horses you have!

Linda said...

Yeah, it sounds like the decision made itself. Good for you. A family of riders--every horsewoman's dream and you're ALMOST there! Liam just needs a couple more years. Good for him trying like that!!