Monday, February 22, 2010

I had a fun little outing today even though I didn't leave the property. Tonka seemed eager to join me. The girls - I'm not sure they really had much fun. But it did break up the monotony of their day!

Soxy was tired, breathing heavily from the start. I don't think she appreciated her enforced exercise, although we weren't at it for long. I've decided to start ponying her whenever I can. She had a tough time on that short trail ride yesterday. It just wore her out. Not terrible, but enough that I figure she probably wasn't having much fun after a while. Yes, she's old, but I'm hopeful I can get her in a little better shape so our occasional little rides are more enjoyable for her.

Bella wasn't sure if she was having fun or not. I've only ponied her once or twice before, and it may have been as much as a year ago. She was a very good girl. I just had to remind her every now and then not to get too far forward.
Tonka was a champ. Happy to be working. At first he was hopeful he might get to decide where we went and how fast, but after a few minutes he was more responsive. I started with old Soxy since I wasn't sure how this would go, but really it couldn't have gone better! I'm confident we can start doing a little more challenging stuff and seeing new sights. We're supposed to get some rain later this week, which I really shouldn't complain about since the crops need it. But I'll be taking advantage of any good weather that comes my way!

On to other topics... I have a sick kid today. Poor girl. She was feeling pretty normal when I went out to ride, but I came back in and she was feeling much worse. Some kind of stomach bug. So I can't go to town and get Liam's enrollment package for his new school, but hopefully John's mom can pick it up for me. Liam should be able to start at his new school within the week! It's an Expeditionary Learning school with small class sizes and very caring, thoughtful teachers. I can't wait to see how this goes.

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