Sunday, February 21, 2010

We had an absolutely wonderful ride today.One of the few and far between pictures of me riding:
Actually John took a bunch of pictures today, but I looked like a dwarf with a big mouth. It was very weird. I almost posted the worst picture just to show how weird it was, but I didn't.

Tonka stuck his foot in some old rusty barb wire while we were out there, but I saw it, stopped, got off, and moved the wire. He stood nicely and never knew what was up. Then, coming over the last bump on the trail, he just about took a header, twice. He doesn't pay any attention to his feet when he's worried about something.

He's been such an incredible sweetheart lately though. I love my horse.

And here's what the menfolk did this afternoon:
After a totally uplifting day, it's been kind of a sad evening. I was shocked to read about the sudden death of one of my favorite horses in the blogging world, at the 7MSN ranch. He was a character. It was totally unexpected. I almost couldn't believe it. It terrifies me to think the same thing could happen to the horse of my heart.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the ball rolling to get my son into a different school. I am very excited and a little nervous.


arlene said...

Oh that was so sad about Lyle. (First time I ever read the blog). I had some bad memories come back. We love them so much. I miss Foxsun so much..everyday.
That's a great picture of you and your boy. I hope every thing works out okay with getting your son into a new school.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the school change!

That was horrible to read about Lyle - they can go at anytime.

Linda said...

You look happy in the pictures. It seems as if you've been able to ride every day. Good luck with the school switch.