Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's killing me. I wasn't able to go to Colorfest, the big mustang adoption going on in Oregon right now. Tracey keeps posting pictures on her blogs and on Facebook. The pictures are great, but it makes me cranky. I wish I was there. Not that I have time to gentle another horse this year. I love gentling so much I tend to forget about my own horses when I'm gentling another.

Contributing to my crankiness - my son was up coughing in my bed all night, with his elbow in my eye. Today he is completely cheerful, you wouldn't know he'd had a rough night. I, however, am not so resilient anymore.

Today is my dad's last day here. We might ride. We might not. I don't really know. If we do ride, I hope Tonka's back is healed enough that I can ride him. Cisco is nice, but he's different. I like my Tonka.

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