Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I don't find myself motivated to write lately. Gypsy is frustrating me. She's a mare. Ugh. She paces the fence all day, pining for the geldings, but Tonka beat her up and I know Cisco would too. I tried putting her in with the mares and she didn't care, paced the fence. Tried putting Scout in with her and she teased him quite a bit but he didn't understand so she paced the fence. Now she's by herself again. No sense letting her stir up the other horses. She'll just have to get over it on her own. I think Bella thinks she's crazy.

Once she gets graduated onto grass I'll probably put her back in with the mares.

It's been a weird day, and it's dark and rainy. I hope the afternoon goes better.
Even if she is a little hussy, I still like this mare a lot. She's very very sweet. Pretty too.

Here's my baby. I like him.
My pictures weren't coming out very well today. Bad lighting, too much movement and distance. And I wouldn't mind a new camera. :) But it's not high on my list of priorities.

Yesterday I didn't get any pictures. My hands were very full. I took both Tonka and Cisco out on the trail and Cisco was a pill. Tonka kind of was too. Next ponying practice I'll take Soxy. It'll give me a chance to see how it'll go before putting the wee man on her back, and to see how her wind is now that her sinus infection is cleared up and we have her on an antihistamine.

Yesterday we found the most beautiful little green meadow with a creek running through it. I am going back there next time and taking a picnic. And I'll definitely be taking pictures!


Linda said...

Mares! I guess I'm getting six of them as new next door neighbors. Will be interesting, to say the least. Of course, I have four of them myself---which is odd since I really prefer geldings!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mares are, well, "different"! I'll bet she settles in and then her beautiful self will shine through.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

a mare.Mostly that is what we have. And of course Sage.

arlene said...

I have never owned a mare. I like geldings. Gypsy is a little bit old to carry on like that. Shame on her. :)

Tracey said...

The weather has definitely been cranky, even here on the coast.

I like Gypsy...sorry she's testing your limits in some ways. My boys don't like Tika, so it's a challenge here as well. Hopefully Gypsy will settle in after a bit; she sure is lovely!