Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's been a busy week but the weather has been very wet, so not much horsing around. I picked up a couple saddles to try, hopefully in a trade for our Fred Hook saddle. But the nicer of the two saddles didn't fit the boys when I finally found a rainless time to try it on them. Darn it. It's a really neat old saddle. I'll try the kid's saddle on the kids' horses tomorrow and hope we can do a part trade. The lady trying out the Fred Hook loves it and I'd like for her to be able to keep it, but I also need the money to get John a new saddle.

Speaking of which, I just got a very rude email from someone about a very nice saddle on Craigslist that I was interested in checking out. Well, I hope they're able to find a buyer. Rude. And her email signature was "Keep America Beautiful." Ha - and she's spreading rudeness. That's not beautiful. She meant superficial beauty though - Avon distributor.

Anywho... I'm babbling. I just thought I'd check in.

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