Monday, April 05, 2010

I have had the flu. And my dogs tried to burn down the house.

Actually I think it was John's dog. He's a pig. I left them in the house for about 3 hours and there was some cake pushed to the back of the stove. He jumped up and just happened to move the dial on one of the burners to "ignite." I got home to the smell of something baking, a flaming burner, a melted crayon next to the burner, and the cake pan ruined with ashes on top. We are very lucky our dogs and all of our stuff didn't go up in flames today.

I think my flu might be getting better. Mornings are the worst, and whenever I feel really sick I try to think of the Lewis & Clark expedition. If they could make that trip while plagued by all kinds of sickness, I can do a couple measly chores. I have to get up, feed the horses & dogs, make sure the kid feeds & dresses himself, and run him the 25 miles into school. By the time I did all that today my ibuprofen had kicked in and I felt pretty decent when I went to run some errands and feed a friend's cats. Then I came home, ate lunch, and slept for two hours before going back to town to get the boy. This afternoon I even got my dishes done. Mostly. Tonight I am going to bed early.

Oh, by the way, ginger tea with honey and lemon is awesome for a sore throat. I used fresh sliced ginger. It actually tasted good too.


Linda said...

Hope you get to feeling better, Andrea. Thank goodness your house is okay!

Anonymous said...

Flu is no fun - hope you feel better soon! And how fortunate that the dog(s) didn't do more damage - that's a good reminder to me not to leave stuff on the stove, although in our case it's more likely to be the cats that cause trouble!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that my dog is big enough that he wouldn't hit the burner knob. It was probably your dog. :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He is not! Not big enough to reach the back of the stove. And India hasn't counter surfed in years.

Kate - we have less than 4 feet of counter space, so we use the stove to put things on quite often. I don't know how we could get by without putting anything there. I'll be leaving the dogs out in the snow or locking them in the bedroom from here on out. Unfortunately they don't make a crate big enough for the miscreant.