Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I'm feeling a little more human today, although I still had no problem sleeping for two hours in the afternoon. Then I got all hopped up on ibuprofen, tylenol, sudafed, and Starbucks, and cleaned stalls. I'm regretting that now, but I was dying to get outside and do something.

I am going to ride tomorrow. Two horses, hopefully. I want to get Cisco in the right mindset for our trail ride on Saturday.

My sister is having surgery again on Thursday. Her gallbladder is acting up and has to be removed. The doctor said it doesn't look like cancer is causing the trouble, but they will check it to be sure. Great time for me to be sick, when she could use some help. I'm really hoping I'll be 100% better tomorrow.

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Lea and her Mustangs said...

Will be praying. If you got the e mail I will be with you on Saturday. Sage arrives Tuesday.