Friday, April 09, 2010

I am eagerly looking forward to our Mustang Club trail ride tomorrow morning. I haven't been on a good ride in a while. Actually I haven't even been on a horse in a while, thanks to that flu. Today is the first day I've felt pretty much normal, other than a terrible headache and sinus pain. It's getting better and better though.

I feel a little bad about going riding when I should be visiting with my sister after her surgery, but I'm going to be selfish. She's back from her gallbladder surgery and everything looks fine. They scanned it beforehand and didn't see any cancer, but now they'll look more closely. I have faith it was just an angry gallbladder with a very large gallstone, and nothing to do with cancer.

I bought my first garden plant today. Rhubarb. From what I remember, you can't really kill it. That's a good thing around here. And I love making strawberry rhubarb pie. There's a plant sale at WSU on Sunday, so we might be a bit crowded with green things in the house until it warms up a bit.

I'm off to bed early. It's going to be a very early morning. Good night! Have a great weekend!

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froglander said...

I hope you have lots of fun on your trail ride and that you're feeling better :)