Friday, May 21, 2010

A 53 second trail ride for you to enjoy:

I was hoping you could hear the birds singing, it was really peaceful. But I don't think that came through.

I rode with just my sister today and we had a blast. Well, not just my sister. We had a pack of dogs with us.

We went down to the creek in another spot and boy how I wish I'd had my camera out because the funniest thing happened. We were passing a bunch of dead wood when all the sudden a huge turkey flew out from practically right underneath Cowboy. Its wing brushed Amy's leg. I was so shocked, neither of the horses spooked! They both just stood there and watched it fly away. But then when we went back by that spot they were sure looking for more turkeys!


Sharon said...

Glad you will be there. George Golous maybe. Google around that - see what happens. I just don/t have it with me and I won't be home until next Wed.I have the disc with me but nothing written on it.

Anonymous said...

love how the horse walks over all obstavcles as if they were nothing, never breaking stride.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Lea, I just can't find it. Could you call Bob sometime and ask him to look at the guy's business card?

Sarah, he really has become quite a horse. Very surefooted when he's not looking for boogeymen. Now that he's getting out so much he almost never gets spooky. I adore him!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ride!

Tina said...

Oh man, those are some super cute and expressive ears to be sitting behind. :) I am so jealous of your planned long ride. Must look around for one to do down here in West Oz

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks Tina! I LOVE his ears. They're so funny, and so expressive. They're always saying something. Plus they're cute with their dun stripes. I hope you can find a ride there!

Kate - I sure feel lucky to have such a nice place to ride near home.