Thursday, May 20, 2010

I took some pretty terrible pictures of our ride today. We had a lot of fun even though the weather was bad. We had wind and cold and some little hail (grauple?) but didn't get wet and eventually my toes thawed out. :) Seriously, it was a wonderful ride. I'd never ridden in this area before and it was really, really nice.

Here's my riding buddy. She's doing the John Wayne trail with me. Without her I wouldn't be going. I'm glad we met and started riding together, it's been great. Lovely picture, eh?

This one wasn't quite so bad. Nice view from way up there.
We rode about 14 miles today and Tonka didn't even break a sweat. Of course it was cold out, but I'm thinking he's getting pretty darn fit. I think I am too, although I'm still squishy around the middle. (I lost 6 pounds last week though!) I wasn't tired at all after our ride. A good ride tends to lift my spirits quite a bit!


Linda said...

Where is the John Wayne ride? Is it the one that goes to Joseph OR?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

No, it crosses most of Washington State. It follows old railroad bed so there aren't any big climbs or downhill runs. There are a lot of wagons that do the trip. I don't know what Tonka will think of the wagons, I guess they can be pretty scary and noisy. I think he'll be fine after getting used to them. We're just going to do half the trip. 117.5 miles. I can't wait. The ride starts tomorrow, I think, but we're going to join them next Friday and ride for a week. My husband is so awesome for taking care of everything at home while I'm gone.