Monday, May 17, 2010

Me boyo
We were ready for rain or cool weather and of course the sun shined rather hot. But it probably would have stormed if I'd left my slicker at home. The forecast and the sky looked pretty iffy.

We didn't ride very long today, I think about 3 1/2 hours, and I hope my riding partner wasn't too dissappointed in the length of our ride. I was tired and Tonka was tired too.

We did a little off-trail riding through the brush and I think Tonka really enjoyed it. At one point I'd decided to turn around and go back because the brush was getting so thick but he insisted he knew where he was going and he plowed down a rather large bush to prove the way was easier on the other side. He doesn't often defy me but if he thinks I'm making the wrong choice about where to go he makes it plain. He did that once before but I insisted we were turning around. Turns out we were within about 10 feet of the trail we were trying to get back to. He's really maturing and I like that he is so darn smart about picking a trail.

We've been riding in a halter our last 3 rides and I think he really likes that. But after his attitude today though I think I'll go back to a bit for a while. I was worried that I'd bothered his mouth the other day with my sister needing to stop a lot with no notice while we had the distraction of a pony horse, and he was really fussing with the snaffle so I gave him a break. Break's over now though I think. He was great in the halter other than snatching for grass and that one time ignoring me and plowing over the big bush. I just don't want him thinking he can ignore me.

As you can see in the photo we did a test run in the front size 3 Easyboots today and as I thought I remembered we had no trouble with traction or anything else. They fit perfect. I do think I need to cut the heel straps out. I don't need them anyway with the gaiter there to hold the boot on. I can't put his rear boots on until I get a replacement cable for the one that broke the other day.

Huck went with us today and it proved he still has some stuff to learn. This area was more open and he didn't have to stay on the trail, so he didn't. He spooked the horses a couple times but they need to learn I suppose. He'll get it figured out, he's darn smart.

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