Sunday, May 16, 2010

Horse Camping

The geldings, happy

Boy with his first pocket knife. :)

The girls, also happy but with no grass.
Soxy can't do this again... She just can't breathe.

Cowboy on the "high"line. My sister is short. She had to climb up on something later to raise the highline.

My camera died, the rest are from John's phone.
Thank goodness for cell phones!

Getting ready. Some of us were on bikes & 4wheeler.

I can't explain this stupid look on my face. I wonder if I always have a stupid look on my face. I always seem to in pictures.

Up, Up and UP

Getting off the trail to let ATVs pass

She's smiling! And it got caught on camera! Miracle of miracles!

That's my boy on the back of the 4wheeler & my nephew on the bike.

View from the top.

Llama Tonka and pretty Gypsy.

Huck likes apples.
(It was his first trail ride and camping trip and he was so good.)

Amy and Cowboy heading down the trail. Bear Dog leading the way.


arlene said...

That looked like fun. Nice pictures.

Linda said...

Wow. Quite a camping trip there. Looks like fun for the whole family!