Friday, May 14, 2010

I decided what to do regarding Easyboots or shoes. I just can't trust a farrier with my boy's feet. Which is probably stupid, but I just can't. So I'll do Easyboots. I thought I needed 3's and 4's but it turns out I only need 2's and 3's. I have a pair of 2's and my sister has a pair of 3's she'll sell me. So now I need to sell my 4's. So if anyone knows anyone with a horse that has big feet in need of boots, my pair of Easyboot Epics (slightly used) is for sale for $100. The pair would cost $150+ new. I can't believe how much the price of Easyboots has gone up in the last few years. But it does make sense, since they last way longer than steel shoes. It would have cost me $125 for shoes and pads on all four and that would have only lasted 6-8 weeks (unless you'll settle for grown out hooves, which I won't). Plus I was so worried about the concussion on the steel shoes with his legs that already have splints.

So... Back to my trip. We get to do a parade! The Rosalia Battle Days parade is on the last day of our ride, June 5th (come see us!). I am so excited. So I get to conquer two things on my horsey to-do list. I am a little disappointed that we can't say we're doing the whole John Wayne ride but half is good for now. I can't be gone from the family for 2 weeks.

Rambling now... June 8th is my birthday and I've decided that this is going to be the best year ever because 3 is my favorite number and I'm going to be 33. Silly, I know. So I'm starting it off with a bang! I wouldn't be able to do this ride without some early birthday money, so it's all fitting. I am so excited! Did I say that already?

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gtyyup said...

On my mustangs I've never put shoes on them...gone the easy boot route. But I've found that if I were to be gathering cattle with them like I've been doing with Colt, they'd probably have to go with shoes. It's the terrain and the number of hours we're out's really hard on their hooves.

But with trail riding, you're going to like the boots. It's a great peace of mind knowing that they have healthy hooves!