Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life is going about a million miles an hour lately. In a good way. But it doesn't leave much time to blog or edit pictures to post, so I'm just going to hurry up and get it done. Been riding a lot.

Why are we riding so much (besides that it's super fun)? We're getting conditioned to ride the John Wayne Trail! Yee-haw! I am so excited. We're just going to do the second week of the ride, for a total of 117.5 miles. I might die. I might quit. But I might just do it and have a blast!

Small conundrum. I can shoe and pad my horse, or I can use easyboots. Either way I'll have to spend a lot of money. Shoeing would be easier, but will the steel shoes that he's never worn before cause him trouble? The concussion... The pads might alleviate some of that... Or I can do the Easyboots but if they don't work out (rubbing, interfering, twisting, etc) I'll have to quit the ride. Ugh... What would you do? I think I've decided to shoe, if the farrier will even agree to do it since he's not taking on new clients. I used to be his client but that was years ago. I don't know which other farriers are trustworthy.

This is the other thing keeping me busy:

Any Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans out there? She got to pick her number. Am I raising a nerd? Nope - she's the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.


Kara said...

I had Chico shod for his first ever mountain pack trip. I took them off as soon as we got back. I don't think he's ever had any issues from that. But now I'd use easyboots. I've never had any problem with the pair that I have and they fit both Cody and Chico. I've never had twisting, rubbing or lost them (but I think you NEED the gators to make them fit this well). I do have the gators. The other nice thing about easy boots is that you can reuse them later. Sure, you pay lots for them now, but they will last you YEARS! So you potentially won't need to invest in protecting your horse on a long ride like this for a long time.

Karen C. said...

Glad to hear you are going to boot instead of shoe. Hooves can still flex a bit in the boot.
What beautiful pictures!

Karen and Tripp

gtyyup said...

OMG...look at all that grass!! I'm just now mowing our lawn for the second time! We're sooooo behind you all in the growing season. I love the photo with the covered railway...very cool!

I hope you have a fantastic time on the John Wayne ride...sounds like a wonderful experience!