Saturday, June 05, 2010

I don't know where my mind has been! I forgot to tell you about the wonderful prize I won from Lea's blog. It was the coolest box full of goodies. A bandana (it's covering my bedhead right now), horse stickers, a neat horseshoe ornament Lea made herself, a BLM tote bag that I can't wait to use, a book of happiness quotes, post-its (I love those but usually won't splurge to buy them), and a couple nice notebooks. I love it! Thank you, Lea!

So, speaking of Giveaways... My 1000th post is coming up! And it will fall on my birthday! So I've wracked my brain trying to figure out how to work this. What I think I'll do is this - from now through 7PM PST on June 8th (I'll be 33 years old, and 3 is my favorite number!), leave a comment on my blog, and I'll post a winner on the evening of my birthday. Hopefully I'll get the goody box sent out the next day. It's going to be a great goody box, so make sure to comment! What I'd like to see are your most significant horse memories. Funniest, most exciting, most touching - whatever you want to talk about. And if you don't have horses, just tell me a funny story. But I think even people who don't have horses have a memory about them. Maybe the amazing size of the feet of the Percherons at the fair, or the night a white horse came running out of the darkness and scared them when they snuck out of the house. Something like that, maybe?

Well, I'm off to 5K for Play! Today it's gloriously beautiful and we're walking it to raise money for my son's school to build a playground. I can't wait for them to have a playground. Right now all they have is a bare concrete area - the kind with little rocks that stick out - and if they fall they tear their jeans or skin their knees real bad.


Della said...

My favorite horse memories are the times you and I saddle up and ride around your property! (and the one time we were able to go out on the road!) I love that your horses are the reason my daughter is horse-crazy too! :-)
(when I come for the 4th, we need to go on a ride, just you and me, k?)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That would be awesome. Hopefully we can actually go somewhere nice and ride, not just toodle around here.

Christa said...

I would have to say that my post favorite memory would be when our little Mustang Odakota FINALLY let me touch his head. He just trusted and from that moment on it has been a wonderful journey with him. I love his hugs as I've never had a horse hug before and I love his willingness :)
Glad I could share this!

Punkette said...

When I was dating my husband he would take me around to different places in town that had horses and arranged so that I could feed them and pet them. He would do this for months, and 17 years later he still surprises me with the same date.

Tina said...

You don't have to add me to the competition because postage to Oz is nuts, but one of my fave memories of horses is when my sister and I were teens and went for a long ride to a pine plantation together. We had a great ride amongst the miles and miles of rustling trees on our pair of Qh crosses, JJ and Tigger, and on one incredibly long and straight track, we had a race and found out just how fast our usually quiet QHs could be. Such a laugh!