Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mustang Days 2010 was a lot of fun, in a new location with a new focus. We had a bunch of great demos on Saturday and a Trail Challenge on Sunday.

Here's my group in their pen. It's a good thing I took Bella instead of Dove because they didn't have enough pens for me to keep one horse separate. These three get along great, but Dove has never lived with Tonka so close quarters would have been a very bad idea.

The first demo on Saturday morning was mostly about accupressure. Good stuff. Here's Mikki Kyson (I hope i have the right spelling) talking to everyone. She shared her time slot with Kyya Grant, a trainer who has studied a lot with Mark Rashid. the horses here are Buddy, Marilyn's 26 year old, and Cody, Bea's 10 year old - both mustangs.

Mike Cameron doing his barefoot trimming demo on Bob's mustang, Wrangler. The dog was enjoying himself just as much as the spectators. :)
George Gouvas and his mustang makeover horse, Blade. He also had a young colt there who was totally obedient and attentive the entire time.
A trail ride after sitting all day was just what I needed! Here you see saddlemaker Pat McGowan from Indiana Harness on a 3 year old gelding he's training, and Mary on her beautiful Black.

The wildflowers were beautiful and very distracting.

Katia took Bella through the in-hand course and won a very nice leather halter for first place. Scout was the only other in-hand horse and wouldn't have won a thing if we'd had any competition. Not his fault, we haven't been working on anything and he's a naughty, easily distracted baby. I would really have liked to have seen some more young horses doing the in-hand.
Bella with Katia, getting ready to pivot inside a circle:
It was a great first outing experience for both mother and son. They were very relaxed and I'm sure they'd be comfortable doing it again.

Katia took this picture as I was getting ready and I like the way the light makes the saddle and Tonka's butt disappear into the sky.

As usual, ignore my goofy look and check out my handsome boy:

Mary's beautiful Black, waiting patiently:

That's it for pictures. Marilyn won the beautiful breastcollar for first place in the mustang division, riding her 26 year old gelding for his last big hurrah. Now he'll continue doing lessons with kids in the round pen. Check out Lea's blog for a picture of the gorgeous breastcollar Mary made for the trophy. It would have looked good on Tonka, but I'm so glad Marilyn won it with her old guy. She was so happy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun was had by all! (We know Kyya, from Mark Rashid clinics in CO)

Tracey said...

...and fun was had by all...

Your look is not goofy, but your boy certainly is handsome! Glad Katia had a good outing with Bella, too!

Linda said...

Thanks for the pics, and enjoyed the ones of Dove above, too. Bella sure was relaxed the other day!! I'm glad Katia won with her. Nice prizes!!!