Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Isn't Dove a pretty girl?

She's getting to be kind of hard to take pictures of.

These next two pictures show some of her curly characteristics. The strange texture of her mane that has almost completely fallen out behind her ears to give her a natural bridle path.

Check out these neat whorls making a fancy S shape. I'm pretty sure curlies have a lot of whorls compared to other breeds. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Trailer loading practice. She loads just fine. Does not like to back out, but we did get it done eventually.

It was super hot so I hosed her off. Something was bothering her eye here.
She is really, really smart. I want to say she may be the smartest horse I've worked with, but maybe she already knew some stuff, and she's certainly willing and personable.

Here she is trotting. I didn't work her long before this, but enough that if that left hind leg was going to bother her it should have by that time. I don't see anything there. Maybe a little front end soreness? I didn't check for rocks first and her feet still have a ways to go. I don't think it indicates a real problem. (I should point out that she doesn't know about keeping up her gait in the round pen, I haven't done much with her in there - she's not being bad, she's just not sure what's expected.)

Dove is available for $150 to a good home only. She leads, loads, trims, and is old enough to start under saddle. I wouldn't put weight on her until her feet have shaped up a little better. They will be fine but still show the effects of neglect.

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froglander said...

I hope you find her a good home! She looks like she'll have a smooth trot from your video.