Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am itching to ride! But nobody else wants to go... So here I am. I did some poop scooping, hanging laundry, and fertilized & watered the garden. Now I'm hot.

I'm applying for a job! I am so excited and nervous. It's the job I wanted at my vet's office and was going to apply for it in the fall hoping they might have something available, but I found out they're hiring for sure and taking resume's now. Awesome, eh? It's a vet tech/assistant job. I don't think I've ever written a resume' but I think I'm getting a pretty good one done. Just have a few polishing touches to make, and have my mom look at it. She's a marketing genius so she ought to be able to make me look good.

My son said the dreaded words today, "It's just not my thing mom." He doesn't want to ride. I'm going to call Soxy's old owner and see if she still wants her back. It breaks my heart, but as my sister pointed out, she'll be loved very much by her old owner so I shouldn't feel too bad. I'll miss her a lot if she goes though.

I also might have to find a home for Katia's new horse since we're not going to be a riding family and she's not really riding much anyway. She's a wonderful girl so I'm sure someone will want her.

I'm still looking for a home for Dove. I had some flyers printed today and got one put up. I'll do the rounds to all the feed stores soon.

I can't give up Scout just yet, but I'm thinking about it. If I knew he was going to a permanent home where he'd be trained well, I'd do it, but there aren't many homes like that, it seems.

Bella will stay here because my mom wants her. She'll have the stifle surgery and be trained.

Cisco will probably stay just because he's such a good horse for me to put anyone on, so even if my husband doesn't ride him much he's still worth keeping.

Of course Tonka will never go anywhere.

It's hard thinking about all this, but I suppose it will be nice to have less work and be able to spend more time with each individual horse. It'll also be nice to not have to feel guilty that so much money gets spent on my hobby.

But if none of them leaves I won't mind. Except Dove. She can't stay, period. Not that she's a bad horse, I really like her a lot, but she was never a keeper. I hate to think of euthanizing her if we don't find her a home, but the thought is there. I don't think I could take her to the saleyard, I don't know who the kill buyers are and I won't allow her to end up in a truck bound for a Canadian slaughterhouse, or worse yet, Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

I was always lucky that my daughters were really, really interesting in horses - in fact it was their interest that got me back into horses after a 20-year break.

But it will be nice when/if you downsize - more quality, less quantity; at least I've found it so.