Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today wasn't a fun day but we did have a fun ride in the middle of it. My dad is visiting - that's him on Sox in between Tonka's ears. I didn't realize I'd taken the picture that way until I got home. (Actually I usually just point and click without even looking at the camera to see what I'm taking pictures of. Do any of you do that?) Amy was up ahead, introducing Cowboy to the cows. He had a bad team penning experience and she wasn't sure how he'd react to the cows, but he did fine.

My dad on Sox with his 6 shooter and John Wayne holster.
Guys and their toys... Tonka was the big brave boy who got to (slowly) move cows out of our way later, but then there was a HUGE handsome hereford bull and I didn't want to cross his path, especially between him and his harem, so we went back and found another way to go.

Tonka was a total angel today. Too hot to really do anything goofy anyway.

I think our next ride may be a little different though. Tonka had a scary incident when we got home. Long story but he tore a door off of a shed and it chased him until his rope got unwedged from its boards. No, I didn't tie him to a door, it was just kind of a dumb accident. He was terrified of everything after that. Hopefully he is his normal self when I get him out next but I'm not going to hold my breath. We may need to do a lot of work with scary objects on the ground. Again. All this time he thought they were dangerous, I convinced him otherwise, and then a door jumps out, skids along the ground, chases him and tries to eat him.

Tomorrow we get part of our winter's supply of hay. Can't afford to get all of it now, so we're going to have to take our chances on what we can find later. Gotta love this slow economy. I'm going to look for a job when the kids get back in school. Actually, I should start looking now, shouldn't I? School really isn't that far off, what with how time is flying and all.


Linda said...

How are the hay prices this year? We haven't called our supplier yet. Probably today. Good luck on that job!!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Hay prices seem to be very reasonable this year. I've seen some as low as $85 a ton. We paid $100 for very nice grass hay delivered but we stacked it. I'm seeing alfalfa for $100-$120. I saw an ad from Waitsburg for $140. The hay from that area is better than our local hay so that makes sense.