Sunday, July 11, 2010

I put the mares out on new pasture last night (except Soxy):

This morning I turned the geldings out with them. (Except Cisco)

This is what Scout does when a small critter is in his area. Which is probably what got him porcupined last year.

Milling in the most dangerous spot they could choose - right in the gate. Dove is very popular:
A short run:

I love Scout in this one. He'd just jumped the ditch, I think:

Dove and Tonka - She doesn't look so small here:

Squeal and strike! She is a mare after all. You might notice Tonka is more worried about Bella:

Tonka and Scout, coming to check in:

Scout is a cutie:

(Or is it promenade? Or what? I don't remember my square dancing lessons...)

Angry, pretty Dove:

Settling down. Look how Scout and Dove's profiles match up, you almost can't see him:

Having a little snack (Boys are segregated):

Bella did not want Tonka to mess with her herd, which is what I counted on to keep the girls safe. I kept Cisco out of the mix because he's not afraid to take it to the next level and really fight. Soxy I kept out because she doesn't deserve to be run around. And they're both fat, so they don't really need the grass.

How are you all enjoying the heat? It's killing me! I'm going to have to become a morning person if I want to play with my horses at all.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I love all the ones of Dove - she's a feisty girl!

arlene said...

Lovely pictures and what a nice pasture!

froglander said...


Linda said...

Dove looks good--they all do. That pasture sure looks yummy. How big is it? Looks huge--lucky horses.

Jayke said...

Gorgeous pictures! There's nothing like a herd of horses on new pasture. They are so animated and beautiful.

Dove sure is looking better!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks everyone!

Linda, it's not that big. I'd guess about 5 acres. You can see the wheat fields that border it. I'll leave them on it for a while and then rotate them. I love temporary, movable fence. But I can't wait to have it all fenced someday. It's a lot of work moving everything.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Love the pictures. I didn't take my camera this morning and with the wind they all thought they were Pegasus. Sure is fun to watch them.