Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The first half of today was very poopy. Horses poop a lot, and I cleaned up quite a bit of it from the boys' corral with the tractor, just in time before we got our first rain of the season. I made quite a few trips back and forth, back and forth, with the tractor. A lot of crap blew back in my face as the wind came up. Our garden will be happy next year, after this stuff breaks down and becomes black gold.

When I was done I had a Gardenburger for lunch while I read my book (War and Peace - does anyone know if anything good ever happens in that book? John makes fun of me, saying it's Russian literature as if that answers the question. But I'd like something good to happen to some of the good people in the book. I'm a little over halfway through and the part I was hopeful would be happy was destroyed...) then I had a much needed bath (continuing to read), eventually got somewhat caught up on my housework, filled some troughs, and organized my feed area a little better. We all went out to dinner with my in-laws tonight. It was nice to visit with them again and talk about the kids going back to school.

Enough of the boring details... Here are some pictures I forgot to share, from our ride last week with the kids.

Levi (the buckskin) has the cutest face in this one:

Sox's face is priceless here:

My kiddo is so suave.

The End


Kara said...

I read Anna Karenina and liked that book, so then I tried War and Peace, but I could never get into it. Too many characters. I couldn't keep track of them all! I'm impressed that you are halfway through it! I barely got 1/5 of the way...

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I was totally lost about who was who too, and had to keep going back and looking at where they'd been before in the book. I have trouble with names anyway so this book is very challenging! I think I have a handle on it now.

I'll have to try Anna Karenina later. I like War and Peace - I have trouble putting it down even if I complain about it. :) I've only read one other Tolstoy book but I didn't like it (The Death of Ivan Ilyich). I like Dostoevsky too, but I remember his books being a little harder to read, and very depressing.

Tina said...

Another one who never finished the book here. I got tired of just getting interested in a character, only to have them seem to disappear from the story totally. I was amazed how easily I put it down even thought I was a good long way into it. :)

Linda said...

Just like Kara--I read Anna Karenina first and then War and Peace, but I can't remember much about it anymore. Which edition are you reading? I picked up Anna Karenina again this summer a more recent translation. Have fun!

I love those pictures in the fields!!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I don't know which edition, but it's a translation by Ann Dunnigan, copyright 1968. There was a bunch of stuff in the introduction about how someone else had changed the original story and this one was supposed to follow the original, in Tolstoy's own handwriting.

Tina - I hope my favorite characters don't disappear! I was so heartbroken though when Natasha was seduced by that evil womanizer (Kurakin?) and she and (the prince...) didn't get married. See, I still can't remember their names, I just picture what they're like and how they relate to the story. I was going to say Nikolai but I think that's her brother... I also really like Pierre, he's a good guy, but I hope he becomes a little less spineless. Of course the war is terrible and so many of the men in it are awful too. I do like how they talk about the horses - some of the good men care for their horses a lot and take pride in their horsemanship, while some of the bad guys can't ride well or are downright cruel.

I guess I'm babbling... Good night!