Friday, September 03, 2010

Naughty little trespassers!

There were 4 calves that slipped through the fence onto our property. It was a good thing though, it got me across the creek and onto that side. I forgot how nice it is under the trees over there. I'll have to take advantage of the low creek and lack of mud and ride over there more often.

My rockstar with his left-handed guitar:

My daughter has been playing her guitar a lot too. She amazes me how fast she can pick things up. She's seen about all I can remember, and John and my dad have been showing her what they know, so now I think it's time to get some real lessons. I wish I could take lessons too. I miss playing. But I don't have the gift she does. She can even make up her own music like John does. I'll never be able to do that...

She was sitting in camp playing her guitar one day and a neighboring camper said she looked like an American Idol contestant, Crystal Bowersox. I just remembered to look her up and there is a resemblance. I'll have to find a video of her playing. Anyway, getting to the point - Katia said that day that she'd like to have a day job and be a street performer too. I knew a lot of great musicians who were street performers in New Orleans. They were barely getting by but they were loving life. I think it would be a lot of fun for a young person just getting out in the world. I hope she sticks with it.

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Linda said...

My son loves street performance. I hope he comes to Spokane and joins their association. I play piano, but I hate performing for others. I really wish that wasn't the case and I'm trying to get over it. Since your whole family is musical and you play together, your kids will probably always enjoy it. And I really think music is meant to be shared. Everyone loves to hear a live performance. Keep it up!!