Sunday, September 05, 2010

My good friend Allegra and her horse-crazy daughter came to visit this weekend. I love getting kids and horses together.

Allegra and I went out on a trail ride and I assumed my good horses would be good even though it was windy and cool out. You know what they say about assuming things...

So Allegra rode Tonka all the way back. He was so good! I've never had anyone else ride him out on the trail. Don't their ponytails look so nice together?

Boots or shoes... That's the subject of some people's photo posts today. But it reminded me I should ask you all about your riding boots or shoes. I need a new pair one of these days and I don't like any of the ones I've had. I have Ariat Starbaby boots but they are super uncomfortable (hard soles, heel too high). I have Ariat Terrains (more of a hiking shoe with a riding heel) but they don't last long. I've had Blundstone boots as well but that's more of an English boot and I won't wear anything that laces on tightly.

What I want is a riding boot that I'd be comfortable wearing and walking in all day long, with a heel that isn't too high, that is waterproof and will last a couple years before having to be replaced. Oh, and it has to be as cheap as possible. I think I might be stuck with Ariats again, but my sister said I should try the Justin Gypsy boots. Do any of you have any recommendations?

Yesterday when I was wearing my loosely tied Ariat Terrain boots I came off of Cisco in a rather clumsy emergency dismount. I ended up with one shoe on for some reason. It was kind of funny after the fact. I know it didn't get hung up in my stirrup because it was on the foot that I swung over his butt. Who knows what pulled it off... I also have a bruise on the back of that ankle and I don't know how that happened either. I do know why my hip is bruised and my other hip road-rashed, and I must have caught my arm somewhere on the saddle because it's got a big swollen and very colorful bruise.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

That doesn't sound like it felt too good. I ride with the Ariat Terrain boots. The best I have found for me. I didn't get to ride because my back has me pretty well bed ridden for a couple of days. A visit to the chiropractor is in order for Tues.

Kristi said...

I have a pair of Ariat Paytons and I find they are really comfy. I have had them for...a year and a half at this point I think and they are holding up well. I've tried the Justin Gypsy ones on and for my foot, they weren't comfortable, the heel was too wide and loose. They aren't "waterproof" but I've tried to be better about conditioning them and they have held up through a number of baths and stuff. How tall of a boot do you want?

Linda said...

I have a good pair of Western Boots, but I can't remember the name. They're nice sized heel, padded interior--extremely comfortable for riding--I got them at that huge western store in Walla Walla that sizes you up and all that. And, they were cheap. I'll go find them. Just a sec...Durango size 9 slouch type boot. I'm usually an 8.5. I was ready to spend more money on that trip, but honestly, there wasn't a more comfortable boot.

Linda said...

Looks like everyone else likes them, too, according to the reviews.

Linda said...

Oh, and I prefer a pull on rather than lace up because I want it to pop off if I ever get hung up in the stirrups.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I may just stick with the Terrains. They actually come off better than my pull-on boots and the heel isn't too high. I wish I could wear a flat-soled shoe in the saddle. What would be perfect is something that is an athletic shoe but also a riding shoe.

Lea - I hope you're feeling better!

Kristi - your boots look a lot like my Star Baby boots, just a different color. Mine are really holding up too, but possibly because they're uncomfortable and I don't wear them as often. They do really well in wet conditions though.

Linda - I love the looks of the boots you posted but I think the heel would hurt me. If I see any I'll try them on though. It could just be the shape of the sole of my heeled boots that makes them so uncomfortable.

Wild Rose Cowgirl said...

I recently got some Double H boots. They are expensive. I didn't buy them. Susie's son (in Quincy) outgrew them and they are my new favorites. I try to think of how I can get my work to let me wear them with my uniform, but that won't happen.

I like a pull on boot as well, for the safety reasons. I'm glad that your boot fell off when you came off, better than getting hung up.

I also have a pair of Ariat Paddock boots that I bought at Value Village. I love them as well but they are a zipper boot and I always feel a bit worried when I wear them for the safety reasons. Sometimes I leave them unzipped partially.

And lastly, I have a pair of Tony Lama squared toed boots. I don't like to ride in them, the square toe is too fashion-minded and when I mount it pokes the horse's bellies. I just sticks out too far from my actual foot. I got them at Big R, Moses Lake in the clearance area.... HUGE discount on those.

As you can see, I'm super cheap and super broke, but still can find good stuff for my budget.