Sunday, August 01, 2010

I ponied Dove for the first time today, and she did great! I rubbed my leg all over her, petted her a lot and waved my hand over her back. She made an ugly face about the bumping and rubbing at first but she relaxed pretty quick. We also opened the gate and went out of the round pen, around the horse trailer, through the ditch and over the hill and back. She is so smart and level-headed.
Two people came to look at her today and hopefully a third will come tomorrow. One family wants her but I want to meet this other lady first if possible. However it turns out, I think she'll probably be gone by the end of the week. Which will be sad, but good too I guess... I really shouldn't work with her anymore, I like her too much.

Speaking of sad partings, I am going to offer Gypsy for sale. So if you know anyone who needs an old trail/pack horse, send them my way. She is a great a trail horse, not an arena horse or a dink around the field at home horse. If she has a butt to follow down the trail just about any level of rider could ride her, but I wouldn't put a young kid on her unless you were ponying her, just in case. I doubt she'd do anything but kids just don't have good reflexes sometimes. She doesn't spook at anything, which is really refreshing after riding a horse like Tonka who actively searches for something to spook at.

I know I already posted this picture of Gypsy but she looks so gorgeous I had to post it again:

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