Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I took Tonka out to the saddle maker's to look for saddles. He sent me home with the same saddle he sent me home with a couple years ago (when I went without my horse). It fits really well everywhere but in the shoulders. I don't think I'll bother riding in it any more than I already have this afternoon. Frustrating. No fault of the saddle maker's. I think if I wanted a saddle made he could get me a better fit, but I can't afford that. So I'm back to looking at treeless saddles. I'm seriously considering hauling Tonka up to Spokane to try a couple saddle shops there. It will have to wait at least until next week though.

This is very frustrating. Do you know how many types of treeless saddles are out there? Even disregarding the ones I know are junk, it's overwhelming. I'm starting to look at new instead of used, since some of them offer demos or trial periods. It's really hard to commit to something I've never seen or felt.

On a side note, Tonka was such a good boy today. It was a windy day, we were on the side of the road with heavy machinery going by, a stranger staring at him, throwing unknown saddles up on his back (he can be weird about that), and I rode him in just a halter and one rein (leadrope) up and down gravel piles and around the driveway. He was awesome. He did think about "playing with" the cute little poodle though. I had to have words with him about that.


Tina said...

You must be so frustrated!

Here in Oz we have saddle fitters who carry a large range of saddles of different brands and will come let you try quite a few all at the same time, also advise on the best fit for your horse and even adjust adjustable saddles on the spot. They charge a fixed fee so you don't have to buy any of the saddles unless you want to. Any chance of getting someone like that to come out? It could give you a good idea of what sort of second hand one you are looking for. Not that I am against treeless. I think they are a great idea, but they do seem a bit fussy as to the pads you use under them to fit the horse best, so a fitter would be good in that case as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much if anything about treeless. You might try finding a used Black Rhino - they aren't cheap but are very well made and are known for good flare in the shoulders. I'm looking into getting one for Dawn right now.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Tina - I'm sure there are dedicated saddle fitters around, but just not in this part of the country. The best I can do is go to a saddle shop and try on a lot of saddles, and be careful in case they're just trying to sell me a saddle.

Kate - the Black Rhino saddles sound great, but I can't buy a saddle without trying it on. I'll keep my eyes open, but I've never heard of one in our area. Maybe because people love them and don't sell them. :)

AKPonyGirl said...

Check out this webside: sharpsaddles.com . Clay and Robin are friends of mine, both accomplished leatherworkers and Clay makes awesome saddles. He refurbished my 1955 and 1945 Hamley saddles. He's a good saddlefitter also. Maybe he can give you some ideas on where to look for a saddle in your area.