Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today was an awesome busy day. I slacked on my housework just a little and played with horses most of the day.

First I rode Tonka, then I went and got Bella. I have big plans for her later this week, so I thought I better polish off the rust. I also made her appointment for stifle surgery next Tuesday.
Bella is such a good girl when I pony her, I can almost forget she's there. Which is exactly what I was thinking about two minutes before things went south all the sudden. But I reined them in easily, it was really only a quick scoot for both of them. Scout had come galloping up behind us as we paralleled his fence and I think they got caught in the excitement. (Speaking of which, Scout's exercise plan is me taking Tonka out to ride. He gets LOTS of exercise running around hollering. Even more when his momma is with us.)

I had to lay on the ground and wave my legs in the air to get Tonka to look interested for this picture.
You can't see it real well, but I cut Bella's mane to match the shorter (lighter colored) area that got pulled out when my sister was riding her. The long part was getting horribly tangled every day, and she was ripping it out, and I was getting tired of it. I think it looks somewhat natural. It's not terrible, anyway. I cut it with scissors first, and then cut slant-ways up into it with thinning shears until it was all fairly uniform.

After we rode they got to stand at the trailer and take a nap for a couple hours, then Bella got a pedicure.

This afternoon I went out intending to ride Cisco again, but I ended up trimming his hooves instead. He gets neglected more than the rest, and his heels were so high it was obscene. Of course, he has high heels anyway, but I was worried that if I rode him after trimming him it might stress his tendons. So I didn't ride, but I did put a bridle on him and and worked on softening to the bit. He was such a sweet, good boy this afternoon. I swear he's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sometimes I can't stand to be around him and sometimes I just love him.

And now I'm off to take a hot bath. My back is really stiff and sore after all the trimming I've been doing lately.


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff - hope your back feels better!

Linda said...

I've never figured out how to trim manes. Looks like yours came out good. Are you going to get a big ride in this week? Today's supposed to be like 65 so we're heading to Mt. Spokane. I've never rode there before.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I don't know when I'll get in a big ride, now that I ripped the plug off my trailer wiring. John is barely here in daylight hours, and hasn't had time to fix it yet.