Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy cow, I was just telling my kids what I did today (because I swear they think I'm as lazy as they would be if they didn't have to go to school) and I was amazed at my list. So, even though it might bore you, here's my day:

Get up, have coffee and hang out with the kids.
Dishes (two drainer-racks full - no dishwasher here)
Many loads of laundry - decided to wash bedding too
Bath (I even shaved my legs!)
Online time
Sorted recyclables
More laundry
Mixed and fed daily supplements for horses
Filled trough
Saddled up and rode Tonka for an hour
Unhitched truck/trailer (ripped the plug off the wiring...)
Loaded up recyclables and dog, drove to town
Unloaded recyclables
Feed store - alfalfa pellets and air filter
Bank - deposit
Safeway - small grocery shopping
Pet store - dental treats - Huck went with and was a good boy
Pick up kid at school
Home again, home again,
Filled another trough
Saddled and rode Cisco while visiting with sister
Talked to friend I haven't talked to often enough lately
Made dinner - visited with kids over dinner, discussed our days

Now I think I might change that air filter and do some more laundry. There may be a beer in the near future too. Ooh, I think I'll do a maze with my son instead of the air filter.

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Linda said...

Looks like my day--lots of stuff! Were they impressed?