Thursday, October 14, 2010

A photo post.

My boy rode with me the other day. He's so cute on his good old mare.

Here he's looking at a deer on the other side of the creek:

Finally got the pictures from today to work. Notice Tonka's little "Mini-me" in the round pen. She didn't like him much. Mares aren't real interested in being his friend. (Doesn't that saddle look great on him?)

He was pretty distracted today, wanting to be with the wee mares and then wanting to check out Amy's new horse. We had to work on keeping his head low and his pace slow. But he was pretty good, and he moves well in the new saddle.

I keep forgetting to answer Linda's question from a while back about Amy's new POA, Sport. He is well trained for show and has a lovely jog that he likes to do. He's never been out on the trail and is easily worried. He just hasn't seen much of the world. He doesn't do anything terrible, he just needs experience. Amy likes playing in the arena, and she loves her new boy, so it doesn't bother her that she's not out on the trail. Besides, it's hunting season, which can be stressful even if you're decked out in blaze orange.


Anonymous said...

Love how Tonka looks while you're moving - his shoulder is very free which is a good sign the saddle may be OK.

Love the old mare taking such good care of your youngster!

Linda said...

Sounds like you're happy with the new saddle. It looks good on him.

I love to see kids on good old horses!! What a gift to have a son who likes to ride with you, Andrea.