Friday, November 19, 2010

The boys got to go out in their big pasture today
and they really liked it.

They'd been in really gross, saturated mud overnight, so excuse their lack of grooming.
(It is that time of year, and I'm not one for grooming mud off several horses who just roll in it again anyway...)
"What's that?"

That face. Nobody else looks at me like that, except Huckleberry, maybe.
(Note Huckleberry butt in the background. He'd caught something big, maybe a weasel or a big fat vole. I wasn't going to go look, I think he was toying with it for a while before he killed it.)

Here's a cute pic of fat Scout a couple days ago.
I think I'm ready for the weather that's coming. Winter is on the way!

I almost forgot to link to these two poems on Kate's blog. I either love poetry or I hate it (I usually avoid it) and I LOVE the one about the old woman. Wow.

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